The Undercover Hippy

Ohana Beach Cafe, Newquay 30/07/2016

Upon arrival at the Ohana beach cafe in Newquay I was in awe of the stunning sunset that was happening right behind where the artists would perform. It was my first time at this venue, and one i will be returning to many times to come. You can find details of their Sunset Sessions here.

Undercover hippy are made up of 5 band members; Billy on vocals and guitar, Jack on drums, Zac on bass, Andreas on keys and Matthew on congas. They started releasing music in 2006 and have gained popularity over the years.

Their latest album ‘Monkey Suit’ took them 3 years to make and was released in September 2014. Their music fuses many different genres, from reggae, folk, pop and hip-hop. There are some deep messages within their lyrics and some mega beats to get you jumping around.

At the gig, when the joyful and lyrically amusing song ‘Boyfriend’ was performed, those that were not already dancing, were now up on their feet. The gig was extremely intimate, with around 30 people chilling and enjoying the view and music. The whole night was extremely relaxed and time just flew by.

After a few technical issues, the gig started and Billy’s voice had the crowd entranced. The song ‘Borders’ makes me close my eyes and just absorb the lyrics and meanings, whilst the final song ‘Last chance to dance’ had me jumping around and shaking my hips like a mad thing with my partner, and even my friend jumped upon a table!

I would highly recommend taking some time to explore this bands music and the message that they bring. You can follow them on Facebook here.

Image Source

by Joanne Martin


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