Sam Green & Michael Sykes

Exeter Phoenix: Voodoo Lounge 08/10/2016

Combining foot-percussion, harmonicas and voice with various acoustic and slide guitars; Sam Green is an eclectic, modern roots artist from the county of Devon in the UK’s coastal southwest. Sam’s music is alternative indie folk blues. His intimate, conversational vocal style and virtuosic, radical approach to the guitar, come together as a vehicle in which he is free to explore lyrical topics of travel, social injustice and anti-capitalism all the while telling stories of love, hurt and redemption.

Today’s gig was upstairs at The Exeter Phoenix in their Voodoo Lounge. The room was set out in an intimate way, each table had a lavender candle and there was a small stage set up at the end of the room.


I was very excited to spot the Didgeridoo set up on stage and sat down to wait. Quite quickly the room filled with approximately forty people and the lights dimmed. For the first half of the set, Sam performed solo. He played some new and old songs and also one from his band Sam Green and The Midnight Heist.

After the interval, Michael Sykes joined him on stage.


The sound that the two of them created together was truly spiritual. The way Sam used slide guitar techniques to play, with the combined mystical sounds of the Didgeridoo and the various other instruments just blew my mind. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before, and I truly hope to catch one of his gigs again.

Sam Green is also a Devon based Acoustic and Electric Guitar tutor and has a First Class Honours Degree in Contemporary Guitar Performance from The London College of Music gained in 2009. Focusing on Roots, Blues, Folk, Country and Rock – plus bespoke topics such as traditional finger, picking, slide and guitar styles, modern percussive acoustic/”air tap”, Jazz and applied music theory. You can book one to one, small group (couples, friends and family) and workshop (larger groups) tuition by emailing

Sam Green and Michael Sykes are currently recording a five track EP together.

To see future dates for Sam Green and Michael Sykes, you can follow their Facebook page here.

You can keep up to date with Sam Green’s music on his website here and Facebook page here.

If you head over to our Facebook page here, you can see two videos of last night’s performance.

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by Joanne Martin



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