Cardiff Motorpoint Arena- 08/02/2016. 

Slipknot is one of the biggest bands in the world, and the UK have embraced their ferociously heavy yet enchantingly melodic sound from the start. They have achieved top 40 singles and sold out arena tours which has created high media attention in the rock community. Slipknots fans – known as Maggots – have ensured their albums have reached top 5 chart positions. The band is made up of 9 members, all wearing masks to hide their identities on stage. They originated in Iowa, America in 1995. Over the years, the group has had 13 different members. Paul grey (the legendary bassist and one of the founders of Slipknot) died in 2010 in a car crash.

Arriving at Cardiff Arena, my anticipation had reached new heights. By the time Slipknot started I was super hyped up and ready to go. Sikth and Suicidal Tendencies had raised everyone’s adrenaline, and we were all ready for the main event. As the lights darkened, and the stage glowed red, the sound of the gritty and eerie ‘The Negative One’ shook my soul. Corey Taylor roared to life and I was lost.

The nine-piece heavy rock band wore their trademark jump suits and masks, and looked as haunting as I had imagined. The stage featured hydraulics that had drummers spinning and being raised high in the air, an abundance of organised chaos and frenzied lighting. The packed set list included a fair number of songs from Slipknot’s first two albums, including Everything Ends, (sic) and Eyeless. The three-song encore finished with an unbridled Spit It out. Corey got the whole crowd to crouch down, by this point everyone was exhausted. However Slipknot just have this way of building tension. The moment Corey told the crowd to ‘Jump the f**k up’ I disappeared within the mosh pit.

It is pretty clear that Slipknot give their all to each and every performance they do. It is what sets them apart from others out there. The deep rooted and soul shaking heaviness of their music, their melodies, Corey’s gritty voice and their overall stage presence make for an unforgettable concert. One that I hope to repeat one day.

by Joanne Martin


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