Keeping Live Music Living

As the digital age has expounded in leaps and bounds, music has become not only completely accessible to anyone with any form of device, but also dispensable. In this day and age, it’s easier to download an album or song for free, even before it’s official release date, than it is to buy it.
As the music industry fades into the background of life as a simple soundtrack rather than a way of life or experience, local scenes wither up and fade as venues close down and the bands are drowned in a world of social media without any form of promotion.
With technology developing at such a rapid pace, it’s understandable how certain aspects of industry can be left behind and dissolves into limbo.

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Modest Owl has been created to fill these gaps by pushing the progress of industry from within. 

Our tailor-made digital platform is a one-of-a-kind personalised interface, used to create a community network of partakers in the local scene. Each aspect of the system has been carefully thought out and designed to suit each individual’s needs, not only providing promotion, but also recommendation. Our intention is to rebuild our existing industry, as well as advance it into the technological age.


Created as a one-of-a-kind social platform our Modest Owl is what we call ‘the music oracle’. We thoughtfully designed Modest Owl as the all-knowing, all-seeing interface that provides an informative and easy access into the local and underground music scene, including vast aspects pertaining to local nightlife entertainment.


Our mobile app and website work as a tailor-made journey to each individuals personalised music experience.

As an all-in-one comprehensive platform the Modest Owl provides you with anything and everything you need to know about your local music scene. By recommending bands, artists, and DJ’s to each persons particular taste in music, giving members access to every venue as an informative communications and music platform.
This not only serves as an extensive events platform, but also as a listening interface to constantly be made aware of new local music as an enhanced social media network.

Through the use of location service technology, we are able to create a comprehensive guide by linking all the live music venues, nightclubs, and pubs together, providing people with the ability to see exactly what is going on at each venue in their desired location.
This gives information on each venues, any events that are happening, lineups and times, drink discounts, specials, promotion, ticket prices and door entries.. etc.

It’s the most informative map and events guide right in the palm of your hand.

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In the backend of our project, Modest Owl serves as a tool to simply boost the live music and nightlife scene by creating a sophisticated circuit of communications benefiting the local industry.

It’s our personal mission to increase the local venues footfall and clientele through the use of local music promotion and industry connectivity.

Live music needs these venues just as much as these venues need live music

While Modest Owl provides the promotion needed for venues, we use our network for the greater cause by connecting venues to the local bands and DJ’s, sound and light engineers, promoters and booking agencies, photographers and journalists; as we have the opportunity to not only provide them with the clientele, but also with fully booked slots and nights.


Through each and every venue we supply and install our tech, this includes a scanner installed by the door, giving members the ease of access to simply scan into the venue with either their pre-purchased ticket or pass. This also gives them the right to discounted entry at the door. Through this system, we provide stat reports to the venues that can use this tool for marketing purposes and promotions. They can access their reports at any time, showing them exactly how many people have walked in and out of their venues, and for how long they stayed for; they can see which nights are bringing in more people and which are more or less profitable to them. With such simple technology, venues and clubs will be able to utilize the Modest Owl communications, networks, and technologies to achieve them renown status and clientele.


At each gig, event, and night hosted by venues, we make sure that there is a photographer and a journalist to document the night. Not only does this subtly promote and add to the bands, venues, and member’s portfolio, but this creates a local community of photographers and journalists, giving students readily available and sustainable jobs in the industry. We intend to personally invest in the growth and development of new up-and-coming writers and photographers, by nurturing, preparing, and giving them the chance they need to break into the industry and make a name for themselves.



As humanity progresses we hold onto our experiences. We carry these through our life, as it constantly shapes and molds us into the people we are, and sits on our shoulders as a delicate reminder of the people we once were.
For all of us, music is our connection not only to each other, but also deeper to ourselves.

We live in an exciting age of technological development and advancement, and through this we need to constantly remind ourselves that we are the pioneers of the future. We are creating and shaping the world that future generations will live in, and now is our time to contribute to humanity.

We cannot leave a world where live music is extinct and just another stone in the historical wall.

This simple concept of modest owl has the ability to change the way we approach live music, along with the tools for live music and the local scene to reach it’s full potential. This is our chance to rebuild and advance our industry into the current age we live in, and continue to grow and expand it’s borders and boundaries.

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As we proceed to invest our time and energy into this project, we ask for support and finance to fund the development of our mobile application and website. As we are not bringing in any money until our launch in January 2017, we simply appreciate the investment and support while we focus on uniting our local industry and reaching our goals.

Our targets are set to cover the costs of development and implementation, everything raised is used to build our local industry and anything above and beyond is put back into venue and artist funds.



by Mitch Strauss

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