Open Mic Night @ PL4

Plymouth: PL4 Cafe 10/10/2016

PL4’s Open Mic night is run every Monday from 8pm. Artists can just turn up, be added to the list and jam away. On this day we were lucky enough to have ten different acts. This Open Mic night highlights our cultural diversity and love of multi genre music.

Edward McCarten

First up we had the lovely Eddie who is a resident Spanish guitarist at Lorenzos Spanish restaurant on Sundays, 6 till 8pm. He recently took part in the battle of the bands with Jason from The Inappropriate Heckler’s, and shared first prize for original material! He performed a mix of originals and covers and got the crowd singing along and joining in. It was a great way to start the night.

You can keep up to date with Edward McCarten here.

Nathaniel Truscott

Next we had the talented Nathaniel who performed a mix of originals and covers with his guitar. He had a lovely soulful voice and something about him made me sit up and listen. I am really looking forward to seeing him perform again.

You can keep up to date with Nathaniel Truscott here.

Nicola Tyrer

The beautiful and talented Nicola performed next with her guitar. I first watched Nicola perform at the Bread and Roses pub and was quite gripped by her voice, especially when she performed her own song ‘If I Wake’. Her voice was faultless and had a lovely silky smooth edge to it. Nicola performed two Amy McDonald songs which got the audience singing along and moving along with another cover and two originals.

You can keep up to date with Nicola Tyrer here.

Jamo Hope

Next up we had the amazing Jamo who performed all original material. I find this talented mans voice quite indescribable. His performances always draw in the attention of the crowd. When he sits there with his guitar and starts to perform, you see him enter his own world. He goes somewhere deep within his soul, and this comes across in his performances. The way that Jamo mixes traditional guitar playing with slaps and taps to create so many different sounds just blows me away. There is something about this performer that touches my heart and I could not take my eyes off of him. I think he now has a new groupie!

You can keep up to date with Jamo Hope here.

Dean Hutchinson

The next performer on the bill was the lovely charismatic Dean, who performed one cover and three originals. We discussed that we could hear a Rise Against influence within his music, and with that, Dean covered a Rise Against song! His set got six members of the audience standing in a row, swaying arms and singing along and created a lot of laughs and fun. Deans political song ‘A little to the left’ especially got the crowds attention, and by the second chorus most of the room shouted along to the lyrics. His sound and stage presence  just makes you want to join in and smile.

You can keep up to date with Dean Hutchinson here.

Ramon Welsh

Next we had the very talented Ramon, who performed two covers and two originals (on request). Ramon normally plays mostly original material when he performs. When he is performing I feel a radiant light omitting from him. You can see that performing brings him alive, and his smile is very infectious. He looks completely at one with his guitar and all of his performances are flawless. I am now a super fan and plan on catching more of his shows soon.

You can keep up to date with Ramon Welsh here.

Mike Reynolds

Mike was next to play with his French Horn. He had a very calm and chilled swing sound to his music, and you could spot the moment he submersed himself within his playing, and his whole being just performed a fluid and faultless set effortlessly.

You can keep up to date with Mike Reynolds here, and watch a video of a gig on Facebook here.

Abes Apes

Then we had the amazing duo Abes Apes. I had heard that they were coming along, but I never pre-listen to an artist I have not heard before if I know that I am going to see them perform live. In my opinion you cannot beat live sound. David and Miguel are a duo from Portugal and they performed four covers and three originals. Their whole performance just brought the room together. Their music was thoroughly enjoyable and had Jason (The Inappropriate Hecklers) grabbing the tambourine and joining in. We were treated to sounds of Reggae, Rock and Spanish music. Two of the songs were sung in Spanish and yet everyone still moved, sang along and generally joined in on their performance. Abes Apes diversity astounded me, and the way these two guys work together is truly a sight to see.

You can keep up to date with Abes Apes here.

The Inappropriate Hecklers

Jason and Hurley make up the duo that is The Inappropriate Hecklers. Jason performs guitar and lead vocals and Hurley is on the Bass. On this night they had Brian Ibbotson joining in on the Saxophone completely improvising. Hurley’s perfectly timed bass compliments Jason’s stunning vocals and guitar playing. Their lyrics really resonated with the crowd and had people clapping, tapping feet and shaking the tambourine along to their unique sounds. They really got the room going and had people dancing along and smiling away.

You can keep up to date with The Inappropriate Hecklers here.

You can keep up to date with Brian Ibbotson here.

You can keep up to date with PL4 on Facebook here.

Lastly, here are two links to videos that I took on the night. The quality is not great due to the low lighting (plus a phone that is due an upgrade!) but you can get an idea of the fun that was had 🙂

The Inappropriate Hecklers


Cover Image Source


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